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Am I able to try on clothes in the store?

Yes, Quad has multiple dressing rooms to make sure each piece of clothing fits to your liking.

What happens if I want my clothing back?

If you want any of your clothing back, simply stop by during store hours and pick it up, no questions asked!

Do I have to stop selling on my social media?

Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage you to continue selling on instagram, groupme, or other social media platforms. Follow the tutorial on our instagram to link the items in your shop to ours, and enjoy all the conveniences of selling with the Quad!

Rental & Selling Process

What types of clothing do you accept?

In our fight against fast fashion, we encourage the purchase and reuse of sustainable clothing. We are working to make a difference in the environment by giving women at UA confidence to buy high-end clothing, knowing they have a safe and easy place to sell or rent after it has been worn. 

Brands we will not accept:

- Forever 21

- Shein

- Uniqlo

- H&M

- Boohoo

- Pretty Little Thing

- Urban Outfitters

- Fashion Nova

We will also consider high-end, "like new" shoes and accessories.

We reserve the right to turn away any other clothing that is not high quality, has been damaged, or clearly heavily used.

How many days am I able to rent a piece of clothing?

You are able to rent clothing for 3 days at a time! After the third day, there is a 25$ late fee, and 5$ extra for every day following.

How long can I leave a piece of clothing with Quad?

The consignment period lasts 90 days, with a 25 percent markdown after 30 days and a 50 percent discount after 60 days. On the 90th day, we will request that you come to pick up the item, and 7 days following it will be donated to charity.

Do I have to return a rental item dry cleaned?

Dry cleaning for our rentals is included in the rental price! We handle the dry cleaning for every item returned to our store, ensuring it's ready for its next stylish adventure on our website.

How do I know my clothes are safe at Quad?

At Quad, we prioritize the safety and security of your items. We guarantee that any renter will be held responsible for the cost of an item in the event of damage or non-return. Additionally, rest assured that all items are securely stored in-house at our designated and protected location. Our commitment to providing a safe environment ensures that your clothes are in good hands throughout the selling process. Your trust and the safety of your belongings are of utmost importance to us.

Payments & Fees

What are the fees for using the Quad?

Our fees are very simple and straightforward. For all sales, Quad takes a 20% cut from the seller. You keep the rest. For rentals, we have a tier fee ranging from $5 to $20 depending on the value of the rental. Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours, and will be processed in the 3-5 days following.

What kinds of payment methods does Quad accept?

Here at Quad, we accept all major credit cards, cash, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other popular payment types!

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